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Upcycled Refurbishments…

Reclaimed Relics began through JCWoodworking which began making furniture from antique wood.  But Jay was not your typical furniture maker.  Everything he would incorporate into a piece of furniture already had a story and life of its own.  Something which might seem simple, like a cabinet, could have been created from ten items recovered from ten different buildings.  And although after 15 years of marriage, Jay does not know Ricki’s birthday, he would know where every nail, piece of leather, door, mirror and wood came from.  He would also know about the farm it came from, the farmer who worked there and the family that lived there.   In addition to the antique components, were the antique methods.  If there’s a joint, it’s a mortise and tenon joint that Jay made  by hand.  If he needed a nail, he made a trenail (“tree-nail” or wooden nail).  If he needed a metal nail, he went  to the bucket of hand wrought nails he’d pulled from wood and saved.   Leather?  He went to the box of leather he’d saved from mill belts.  And the finish?  Only finishes that were available more than 100 years ago.

While most of his time is now spent scouring the country for farms, barns and abandoned buildings and items of all types, he still takes every chance he can to repurpose something into an amazing, one of a kind, “upcycled” item.   While many items still have amazing aesthetic, instrinsic and practical value, most of our favorite items are those which no longer serve any obvious purpose….until Jay gets his hands on them and brings them back to life in a new way.