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Reclaimed Relics

Jay and Ricki Chaikin, Owners


Reclaimed Relics is the result of our love for American history, exploring and all things old. To us, the places and objects we find are valuable not only because of their age or rarity, but because of the personal and collective stories held within them. These buildings and objects are America. They tell us what our towns, our farms and our factories were like and how our ancestors lived. Whether left exactly as we find it, restoring it to its’ original condition or repurposing an object completely, we view every object we bring home as a little piece of America saved.


  1. 10-19-2015

    I’ve already gave a few coemtnms, but I hope so much that i will win the Heart “Print Talisman Necklace”, because i love it so much and i’ve never won anything. I would like to be one time in NY, it’s so far away because i come from germany.. 🙂

  2. 3-7-2015

    Hello, i like to see your tv show in France (“Trésors oubliés” / “Rmc découverte” channel).
    I hope to see a lot of news programme.
    Nicolas (Normandie / France)

  3. 10-4-2012

    Hello 1hr ago I turned on the TV and for my first time I viewed your show and what an awsome show it is. Anyway there I sit wishing I was one of you guys going in too the old Blds just looking around you then go to a clock tower in a lace factory and find a bell made by the MENEELY BELL CO. of Troy N.Y. of whom my grandfather said was once his fathers CO. anyway what I am geting at is I want one of them with the MENEELY BELL CO. casted in it. In allmost any condition do you run across them. Thank you  my email is scotthmeneely@yahoo.com and phone # 1-209-777-7101   

    • 7-24-2014

      Hello , i just want say you ” Hello from france ” . I doàn t speak english , just 2 – 3 word .
      Have a good day

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