Maine Paper Mill

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255 Route 313, Perkasie PA 18944


Otis Paper MillThe Otis Paper Mill dates back to the late 1800s and the space is about 600,000 square feet.  In 1906 it became one of the original mills to form the International Paper Company.

Many of the workstations and machinery have not been touched since it was abandoned.  The development company who owns the mill plans to turn it into a business complex.

Inside are items from wooden carts to glass bottles and beakers, to locker room items.


Wooden CartWooden CartTilter CartTilter CartWood Green CartFairbanks ScaleDemijohn Bottle

Abandoned Adventures

Upcycled Lockers

Locker Before & After 


Special Thanks

Mary and Tim Howes

OTIS Ventures

Mill Street Café: 207- 645-7570


Metal cleaning, sandblasting and industrial painting

Quakertown, PA


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  1. 9-15-2012

    Ha I just watch the your show with the mill. I had the laugh I live a few hours from Jay and have driven by that mill many times over the years. I can remember when the mill closed it was a big deal. Well any mill closing is a big deal in Maine. The woman that you were talking to that owns the place has owned it sense 2009. They keep saying there going to fix it up but never have. I hate seeing old mill like this go to wast but a lot of them coast so much to clean up its not even funny. The shoe mill that is here in my town is like that. There are some business in there now but not many a lot of junk in there and a lot of it is falling apart. Any Im getting off track what I really want to write to you about is that I wanted to let you know that not all people from Maine force there accents the way that woman did.

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