255 Route 313, Perkasie PA 18944


Oil CityThe Oil City National Bank building was constructed in 1926.  It stands on the same grounds where the Crude Oil Exchange Building stood.  Oil City was the home to enormous wealth in the early 20th century. This bank is where the richest people kept their money.  John D Rockafeller and Standard Oil set prices for oil for the rest of the world at their headquarters down the street from the bank.

Local oil wells have dried up over the last few decades.  Both Pennzoil and Quaker State have relocated their corporate headquarters from Oil City and the local economy has suffered.  The bank has been vacant since 2001.


Diehl FanKM Koldair FanMint Green MirrorPorcelain SinkWomen's SignPorcelain Gas FixturesBrandt Automatic CashierLetter Mail Box

Abandoned Adventures

Upcycled Flagpole 


Flagpole Before & After

Special Thanks


Stover Tree Service

Oil City PA




Metal cleaning, sandblasting and industrial painting

Quakertown, PA


Top of the Pole

George Keefer


American flags made in America!!

D&M Machine, Inc.

Telford, PA


Hart Mechanical

Sellersville PA




  1. 10-19-2015

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  2. 7-4-2013

    i have money from the oil city bank.

  3. 11-16-2012

    I live in LAKEWOOD, CO, and a number of years ago I acquired approximately 108 feet of railing, with the original mahonogy tops stair cases, knewl posts, and bank signs hand hammered brass TRUST DEPT, AUDITING DEPT., The railing has large wreath’s thoughout the railing. The original bank was built in 1892 in Denver.  If you have some interest I can send you some pictures, just give me your mailing address.

  4. 9-14-2012

    you guys have the best job on earth

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