Maryland Grist Mill

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255 Route 313, Perkasie PA 18944


Roop's Mill

Roops Mill is a 26,500 square foot, three building location is located in Westminster, Maryland. Built in 1745, the property sits on 11 acres.  The mill was used to process grain, flour, and feed which fed the local community for generations.  On the property lies a suspension bridge built ten years prior to the Brooklyn Bridge which used the same mathematical design.

Though the mill officially closed in 1954, the buildings still contain objects dating back to its original construction.  The barn contains equipment which was used to cut heavy beams for construction. The house contains multiple stairways and secret passageways much like a maze.


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Abandoned Adventures

Upcycled Coffee Table

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The Inn at Roop’s Mill

Alderfer  Glass Company


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  1. 2-14-2013

    I am looking for something called Bell’s Mill.  My descendants are Bells from your around Westminster, MD and all around that area and years ago my sister visited a mill that she told the Bell family was reputed to have built the mill.  Can you give me any information; we plan on visiting the area in May/June.
    Thank you.

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