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255 Route 313, Perkasie PA 18944


Majestic HotelHot Springs, Arkansas is known for its “healing” mineral waters.  Bathers come from all over to relax and cure, or at least relieve arthritic pain and other ailments.  The Majestic Hotel was built in 1902 and an additional red brick building was later added in 1926.  It was frequented by Babe Ruth, the Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, Al Capone, and Bugsy Segal.  The gangster activity in Hot Springs came to an abrupt end in the 1960s when a federal crackdown on the activity which the government called “the site of the largest illegal gambling operation in the US.”  Some gangsters were finally arrested, others left or died.  In 1944, the US Army used the Majestic for 18 months for a Redistribution Station for soldiers returning from combat.  The hotel reopened to the public on December 15, 1945.  Attendance dropped off significantly in the early 2000s and the owners closed the doors in 2006.  The building is going to be converted into affordable housing.


Wheel ChairMajestic Hotel Bath House & Apartments SignMounted SignTray Rack ShelfPressure CookerHanging Pot RackBrass Stop PlaquesGreen Enamel Light ShadesWhite Enamel Light ShadesMajestic Face SignCast Iron BracketsBox of KeysFirehose RackBlack Rectangular Elevator SignPink Elevator SignLamppost

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  1. 4-26-2014

    Terrible shame the oldest part of the hotel burned down.

  2. 2-28-2014

    Sadly, the Majestic Hotel caught fire and has been destroyed.  I don’t live in Hot Springs anymore, but it’s always sad to hear about the loss of an iconic landmark.–Majestic-Hotel-Fire

    Emergency demolition measures have been implemented to minimize the hazards to the public. 


  3. 12-19-2012

    November 29, 1981 my husband and I stayed there, on the 2nd floor, at the front of the building overlooking the parking lot across the street.
    I’d so love to have the hotel register & the key for the room we stayed in.
    It was the 2nd night of our honeymoon.
    It’s tragically sad the building was allowed to deteriorate. I went inside the building just before they closed it. It was still very beautiful then, and in quite good shape. What a waste to let it go . . .

    • 12-19-2012

      P.S. The bathtub in that room was fabulous!

  4. 9-30-2012

    Where did the N come from at the Majestic Hotel?  I did not see any N in the sinage.

    • 10-2-2012

      It’s from the hotel when the sign read “Majestic Hotel – Bath House – Apartments”

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