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If you know of any great abandoned locations for Jay and the guys to explore, email us at info@reclaimedrelics.com. Send us your info and as much information on the abandoned building that you know, including the age and date of abandonment, original items still in the building, square footage, building type (factory, church, theater, etc.), current plans for the building (sale, demolition, development,etc.), and the basic history of the structure.


  1. 10-1-2012


  2. 10-1-2012

    I have a 4 story factory building which was used by my grandfather  and great tuncles to design and manufacture church pews and furnishings and also the  bar room shelves and cabinets  to hold the wiskey and glasses, In hotels and the early bar rooms they also made fancy gingerbread and cornish moulding for houses that were built duirng the early american period. The plant was operated by steam with  belts and wooden wheels, until electricty was avaliable. Most  everything is still there and intact but unhooked. My greatgrandfather was first a contracter when discharged from the Civil War and they built many buildings before the factory where the 4 brothers all made a living untill the last 1 died in the early 40’s.
    They also made finished caskets to be sent to the casket factory to be lined during the flu epicemic of the 1900’s, most of the machines are still right where they left them and there is quite a few period pieces espesicaly patterns and unfinished items catologs etc from the 30’s. This is about 40 miles northeast of Harrisburg Pa with Interstate 81 close by. I spend winters in Fla (Dec. 26-April 10 ) Thank YOu for reading my narrative.

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