Roops Mill Coffee Table

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Roops Mill Coffee Table…

Grist Mill Coffee Table Before & After

This coffee table was created from part of the grist reclaimed from Roops Mill (gristmill) in Westminster, MD. The terms “grist mill” or “corn mill” can refer to the machine or the building that grinds the grain. Historically, however, the terms were used for a local mill to which farmers brought their own grains and received back the ground flour or corn meal minus the “miller’s toll”. Roops Mill was built in 1745 and was the local mill for the entire community for generations.

Grist mills have existed as far back as 100 BC. Throughout times and civilizations, there are variations but the basic concept has remained fairly consistent. One of the most popular forms of power for mills around the world, including Roops Mill, was water. The mills would be situated just next to running water and a water wheel would create the power needed to turn the gears inside the mill. Those gears then turned the millstone which ground the grain. The mill would have several floors, an upstairs called the sack floor, a second floor called the stone floor and a downstairs called the meal or ground floor. On the stone floor was a large, stationary stone called the bed and a top stone called the runner. And between those two millstones is where the magic happened! The sacks of grain would be hoisted upstairs to the sack floor and emptied into bins where they would fall into a large wood funnel called a hopper. The small end of the hopper sat on a cradle and from there they were funneled to the millstones on the stone floor. The grounds were then fed down a chute and collected into sacks on the meal floor.Grist Mill

This coffee table was made from the cradle that held the hopper on the sack floor of Roops Mill. After removing the hopper, we brought the cradle home where we created Roops Mill Coffee Table. After cleaning the cradle, we applied a coat of tung oil to bring out the amazing patina of over 250 years! We then had glass cut to create a flat tabletop surface and accented it with none other than leather from mill belts and antique brass tacks to secure that leather.

For centuries, it was local mills like Roops Mill that kept our families, towns and countries running. We are so pleased to keep a part of Roops Mill alive for another several hundred years. There is an old proverb which says that “all is grist for the mill” meaning that everything can me made useful which we hope we’ve accomplished by turning this cradle into a table. Another old proverb is “all is grist that comes to his mill” meaning that the person in question can make something positive out of anything that comes his way. It is our sincere hope that each time you see this table you remember Roop’s Mill, a simpler time and most importantly that “all is grist which comes to your mill”!

Grist Mill Coffee Table Refurb


Depth: 25″

Width: 61″

Height: 15″ at table top; 19″ at highest

Weight: 45 lbs

Qty: 1

Inventory #: Roop’s Grist Mill Refurb

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